Primary Care Services

In delivering NHS primary care services we work closely with our patients, local communities, voluntary organisations and CCGs to tailor the services we provide at each practice to better meet the needs of the local population.

Our extensive experience of delivering primary and specialist care services means that we thoroughly understand the clinical service requirements of general practice. As such, not only do we deliver an excellent, convenient service responsive to the health needs of the local community but also manage prescribing within budget, reduce secondary care referrals and lower inappropriate A&E attendances.

Our practices include GP trainers, specialist community services and all have extended opening hours.

As Clinical Lead within Omnes Healthcare I have had the opportunity to be actively involved in many elements of primary care delivery, from seeing patients to overseeing the clinical work of the practice, performing audits, reviewing prescribing best-practice and clinical governance.

Each week I run a dedicated pain clinic, substance misuse clinic and diabetes clinic. I also work closely with our neighbouring practices in creating our GP Federation network and in assisting the CCG in the development of local services.

I am keen that our patients have a strong voice in the delivery of healthcare in their local area and am always encouraging patients to attend our PPG and seeking new and innovative methods of providing more accessible, personalised care.

I am very proud of the work we do both within the practice and in the local community. The support and dedication from the entire team means that we are continuously improving and evolving to better meet the needs of patients.

Dr Love, Clinical Lead GP

For information on our specialist healthcare services please visit our Community Outpatients site