Omnes Healthcare have been providing high quality healthcare services across England for over 10 years.

Our GP practices strive to provide accessible, innovative care, addressing health inequalities and reducing secondary care spend.

We have over a decade of success in addressing the ever-changing needs of the NHS and our patients, continuously achieving excellence in public health, holistic care and multi-disciplinary working.

We work closely with local healthcare, social care and voluntary sector providers, developing our services to provide primary care solutions that are highly valued by patients, clinicians, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the local community.

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I was welcomed to the team with great warmth, and started off doing small jobs such as giving out feedback surveys to patients. My role has widened since then to include working with the Southwark Locality PPG and helping to design the new Dulwich hospital site. I really enjoyed speaking with the commissioners and the patients across Southwark.

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Within the practice I help with administrative tasks such as letterfolding, planning staff parties, charity collections, and organising the PPG. I am now also involved in the Youth-PPG and the practice’s Diabetes Support Group.

My biggest achievement is running the Gardening Project, which includes organising day trips for the group and liaising with other networks who wish to see our garden as inspiration for their own practices.

Working at the practice has helped me learn new skills and also helped me cope with bereavement. I am so very proud of the work I do there and I especially enjoy engaging with and helping our patients.

Angela, Patient Ambassador

I was seen by a excellent receptionist and amazing health care assistant. I was treated with the utmost respect and informed perfectly of my health condition. I was very pleased with the service I received and look forward to coming back to the practice.

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